Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Double Crossbones

A Movie Review by Magdalen Aithne Arkwright

Here's the situation: pirates rule the seas and shore.

Can pathetic and lovestruck David Crandall blow the whole conspiracy wide open?

Lady Sylvia Copeland is the ward of Governor Elden, governor of the Carolinas.  Little does she suspect that Governor Elden is love with her and intends to marry her.  She's in love with a shy shop keeper's apprentice - you guessed it, David Crandall.  But the shop is suspected of cooperation with the pirates and everyone associated with the shop is arrested, pending hanging.

What will Lady Sylvia do when David Crandall turns out to be a pirate?  That is, Bloodthirsty Davey.  But surely, it's through no fault of his own....

Through a series of events, Davey sails to Tortuga, discovers the head of the pirate-merchant operation, meets the pirate captains, risks his life for Lady Sylvia, as a result gets arrested, escapes, and puts everything to right.

Have you ever seen the old TV show 'The Waltons'?  If so, you'll recognize Will Geer as Mr. Botts.

'Double Crossbones' will amuse audiences of all ages.  Donald O'Connor stars as Davey Crandall - an apprentice turned pirate turned well-to-do.

Points: 9
Rating: D (there are some fight scenes and deaths)



  1. Saw this one last night. It was fairly good...I think it's something that my little brothers would really enjoy. :) I liked the first one I saw better, though, despite the fact that this one's supposed to take place in my favorite time period.

  2. Understandable. This one certainly isn't as good as some, but it's still amusing.


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