Sunday, January 8, 2012

Victoria (2)

“Why did you take the child?” asked the black rider, finally voicing a nagging concern.  “It is not yours.”

 Aritka knew he only said this in hope that it was not hers.  He could not know for sure if she was married or not, but she was no good to him unless she was a virgin.  “She is not mine,” she affirmed, “but her mother was killed.”

“Preposterous!” objected the black rider.

“It was not done deliberately,” said Aritka.  “I am sure your murderous tribesmen did not purposefully slaughter her.” 

 The man sliced her through with his gaze.  “I think you’re scorning me.” 

 Aritka could not meet his long, brown gaze.  “You would be right.” 

 “You doubt the integrity of my tribesmen?” he demanded. 

 Aritka forced herself to look at him.  “As you feel obligated to defend your kinsmen, I feel resentment at the death of mine,” she said, “which came at the hands of your kinsmen.  Would you expect otherwise?”  Finally she looked down at the child again but could still feel his eyes on her.

 The black rider finished observing her and looked ahead once more.  “I would be disgusted to bring my prince anyone less,” he said, his voice once again gruff and controlled.
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To Be Continued.... 

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