Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Time Continues

If you guys are getting tired of reading about Christmas, too bad!  *insert evil cackle*  I'm still riding high on it.

Actually, I'm trying to organize a Christmas recital, which isn't going to be until our Epiphany party, because we just don't have enough time (which reminds me........).

But before I run off to complete a few tasks, I'd like to give you more Christmas music.

In our recital, we, so far, have the following lined up (not in order):

I sing Holy Night in C and I might have to use this as my accompaniment if I can't get a hold on my 13 year-old brother.
We're not just doing Christmas Carols - we're going to just have fun with this.  I'm thinking about this next one as our opening song:
But we'll still do some Christmas songs.  I plan on having my own piano student playing the next two if she can apply herself to them:

If possible, I'll have her sister accompany her on the guitar.

Again, if I can get my brother to cooperate, we'll play the following on guitar, with a much simpler melody:
And I'm thinking of this following song as our closing:

I'd like to beef it up with a few more, so we'll see what else we're capable of.

Ahem, but to continue, I suggest you visit Raindrops and Moonlight for great Christmas carols - the songs she picks out are so lovely!  You can also visit her mom's page, which she links to at the bottom, for another Christmas carol and an explanation of Gaudete.

Is that enough for you?  No?  Well, how about a few from Bing?
No, not a Christmas song, I know.  How about this one?
lol - not a Christmas song either.  Tricked you!
But I will give you this one:
I was listening to the radio a few days ago and the DJ said she asked a question on Facebook about the favorite Christmas song, this one was it!  I was thinking: finally, the public consensus is identical with my own!  Took them long enough!

The Cutest Christmas Pageant Ever  (this clip is from 'The Bells of Saint Mary's', which came after 'Going My Way' - same actor, different story)

Well, Merry Christmas everybody

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