Monday, November 12, 2012

So without further ado, here's Audrey Cox!

-Age: 21
-Appearance: clean, blond, blue eyes, "well-kept"
-Occupation: witch/healer/none
-Income: measly (equivalent to five dollars/week at best, compared to four dollars minimum cost of living)
-Education: traditional education up until she turned fourteen, then her mother taught her at home: philosophy and magic
-Environment: was born in a little village, but grew up in the city among charming suitors and nobility, although her parents were not noble but her father’s business was successful
-Personal Chronology: [here omitted]
-Hobbies: gardening, drawing
-Pets: stray cat
-Religion: [Magic]
-Ethnic Background: Elvin, Wizard, Human
-Class: upper-middle
-Occupations of Parents and/or Children: father–carpenter, mother­–healer, event. daughter–healer, event. son–prince
-Talents: singing, healing
-Dislikes: dark, prying, people who are too open with details
-Eccentric habits: collects candles, carries a small book of wise sayings with her, wears the key to her mothers house around her neck and plays with it
-Phobias: being embarrassed or misused or violated
-Ability to change and grow: adaptable, but cautious about change
-Food Choices: loves bread and butter, tea, tomatoes, paprika, salt pork, pumpkin pie
-Favorite Clothing Items: her mother’s shoes, her father’s single glove, her simple white dress with brown pinafore
-Color Preferences: earthy, natural colors; vibrant, like flowers; baby blue
-Sound of Laughter: high, mixed-head
-Reaction to Touch by Strangers: startled, uncertain, on her guard
-Shopping Patterns: buys only what she absolutely needs to get by so that she has a little money left over to spend on pleasure
-Size of Vocabulary: excellent, she prides herself on it
-Aspirations: wants to live a comfy, out of the way life with a loving family
-Favorite Setting: her garden
-Number of Friends: Eva Locknob, Cedric, Mariah
-Drinking Habits: drinks a glass of wine every Sunday with dinner if she can afford it
-Feelings about Smoking: is charmed by an old man with a pipe
-Favorite Pain Killer: Feverfew
-Method of Handling Change: very carefully
-Letter Writing Habits: once in a while to Eva
-Storage of Photographs: she has one sketch each of her mother and father, and one of them together; plus a secret drawing of Mark
-Musical Preferences: loves harmonies, both classical and folk
-Integrity: strongly loyal to her personal ideals and methods of thought, stubborn in adherence to her sense of right and wrong
-Secrets: she will always love Mark, she is a witch; even deeper, she breaks out in a cold sweat after dreams of her parents’ dying; even deeper, she struggles with hatred of Mark’s family and with passion for Mark himself
-Jealousies: proud of her gardening skills, sometimes can’t help but consider the Wassy inferior
-Animal Totem: rabbit
-Representative Symbol: ? [omitted]
-Ugliest Fault: fails to understand other personalities
-Most Powerful Memories: Mother cooking and singing, Father leaning back in a chair after a hard day, Mother singing her to sleep, Mother’s knitting needles, Mother’s shoes as she danced, Father’s gloves as he conducted business, Mark as he was when she first met him, Mark when he told her he loved her, Mark’s hands, Mark’s laugh
-Degree of Resilience: not very flexible
-Problem-Solving Ability: mainly in theory
-Means of Coping with Stress: gardening
-Method of Defusing Anger: crying
-Resemblance to real people: [omitted]
-Resonance with Other Characters: she is there, and in a way, she is the talk of the town; in that sense, she isn’t a person, only gossip, an object to be observed, a pet to be cared for
      how does she feel about this: mentally frustrated and emotionally drained; unawares, she would like to be on a one-on-one basis with all of them

[My additional notes:]
-Goal for Quality of Life in Wassying: to be well looked-up to; no longer a pet; still hidden
-Level of Self-Awareness: doesn’t realize her own way of approaching people is their reason for their treatment of her; is too complex to see the simplicity
-Method of Operation: logical, methodical; reaching the goal is more of a focus than the aspect of teamwork; can’t comprehend why this usually fails to give intended results
-Dealing with Unpleasant People: civil, avoids
-Interaction with Authority: civil, respectful, even admiring
-Origin of Motivation: "should be done – will be done"
-Productivity: gets up promptly in the morning in the spring and summer; lags in autumn; sleeps in in the winter; stays up late by the fire in the winter; does something quiet at noon; coordinates outside/inside work depending on temperature; enjoys Sunday
-Least Favorite Task: dusting
-Opinion of Social Tasks: enjoys dancing, finds accompanying gossip tedious and difficult; tends to be too logical and not conversational


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