Thursday, July 5, 2012

Supplementing Your Summer: Character

So part of this summer fun is analyzing your favorite characters and getting to know them better.  Doubtless, some of us will have to face up to the facts and our hearts will be broken along the way, as we realize and accept things that we did not want to know.  It would be illogical, however, to deny the facts, so know that I have been there and I am empathetic to your woes.

Remember as you're doing this, that, although an actor or author has given your character an appearance and a charisma, he (or she) is not that character that you love so much.

So over the next few days, weeks, whatever, try to emulate your favorite character's characteristics.  You might learn some new things about him/her.

As you may have picked up on, a character that I have grown very fond of is Spock from the original series of Star Trek.  There are a few obvious traits about him, such as his stubborn (yes, stubborn) adherence to "logic" and rejection of emotion.  (Anyone who knows anything about Star Trek knows that Vulcans are not devoid of emotion, they just try to ignore it.)  It may well be that Vulcans are "wired" so that devotion to unemotional logic is somewhat more natural to them than it would be to humans (although considering their ancient past, that is illogical), but Spock is half human and so a human's need to a healthy release of emotions is sometimes very pressing.

Something that I have found while practicing his logical approach to life is that Spock is actually very naive.  Sometimes, there are situations that you can't handle with a simple, logical equation (that isn't to say that logic isn't practical).  I don't know if it would be different if he was not trying to deny his human side, but I do know that as he is, he does not at all understand anything about the people he deals with every day, even though he is probably the only Vulcan with such an opportunity to understand them.

The clip from this episode that I wanted had more to do with when they start
laying the heat on Krako - Spock is just hilarious! - but this one is very funny

I have also learned that logic is not a thing of children, so don't bother trying to use it on my little sister.

However, it came in handy last night when I was tired and we stayed at a friend's house an hour longer than I was emotionally prepared to handle, the whole day was boring for a July 4th, and then we almost didn't see any fireworks at all.  I was on the verge of degenerating into an emotional mess (please believe it was because I was tired and disappointed, and not because I'm a spoiled brat) - but that wouldn't have been logical.  ;)

The danger is that, in using logic, you could simmer everything down to "literal".  These are not the same thing.  Another danger is finding increasing annoyance at the ridiculous and irritating things said by some people who will remain nameless.  But to lose one's temper and accomplish no more than if one had kept it, and in fact possibly make things worse, would be illogical....


There are better videos out there, but this one has the full song.  I've yet to see
a video that actually shows Spock saying "illogical" when Nimoy sings it.


  1. Awww, I don't know anything about Spock. :( Never seen Star Trek, you see. (Actually, once I was playing that game where names are put on your back and you have to guess your character by asking others questions. I found I was a main character of Star Trek and then had to meekly ask some boys [whom I don't know!!!] about the main fellows in Star Trek. Luckily, they were very happy to supply the information.)

    But this is a great idea, to analyze characters over the summer. Well done!

    (Oh, and Colorado didn't have any fireworks at all! Too many wildfires. :( )

    1. Oh, yeah, be careful! It's actually illegal in my state for people to buy and set off fireworks unless you're professional, but just a few minutes away is another state that does not regulate the sale of fireworks, and I don't think anyone gets arrested for it. Fortunately, most people set them off over a lake or something like that, so the danger is minimum. And then there are the professionals of course.

      Do you remember who it was that you were, if I may ask?

    2. Spock, after all. I believe I wa told he is Capt. Kirk's best chum, and he was very good at punching said captain on occasion.

    3. Well, a fascinating description... but accurate. He is fully able to bring the captain to his senses, or just take out a little emotion on his best friend. But I'm sure that's not why you were compared to him... lol


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