Sunday, September 4, 2011

Catholic Homeschooling


So far as I know, Tim Hawkins isn't Catholic, but he is a great Christian comedian.  No, he wasn't home schooled, but he does home school his kids.  In the video below, those kids aren't all his, but this was his original home schooling song.
Futhermore, there's a great routine he does about homeschooling - this particular video below has more than that, and I encourage you to watch the whole thing, but the quality isn't great so you don't have to.  The home schooling stuff starts at about 7:30 - 7:40.

It's interesting to note that Catholicism is about family - it really is.  Down to its deepest roots, its about family.  God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for example.  The parish priest is a father to his congregation.  Even the Vatican is like a big family, at least from where I'm standing.  Yeah, it's a kingdom, but our kingdom is a family.

Home schooling demands valuing the family.  It does.  You can't get through home schooling without value for the individual, their well-being, and on the family as a whole.


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