Sunday, September 11, 2011


I imagine every blogger will be writing about 9/11 today.  And lots of people will be on their toes, waiting for another attack on this tenth anniversary.  Loved ones will visit monuments and graves today, commemorating those they lost ten years ago.  It was devastating for so many, and very scary.  Hardly anyone would be comfortable on a plane today.

Some would not like to hear what I have to say on this.  That is mostly why I keep my mouth prudently shut whenever the conversation turns to it.  That is not to say that I scoff at the horrifying events that took place on that horrific day.  That is not to say that I am deliberately flippant toward all those who lost their lives.

In September of 2001, I was 7, and that being ten years ago, I suppose I would have been in second grade.  It's interesting to think that growing up, I thought that 9/11 was actually something that had happened before my lifetime - like many of those things did.  The realization of the actual event came slowly.  I now know more about it, but it seems I find out more every year.

I am sometimes angered at the reactions of some people toward 9/11.  Some people still hold a hard and fast distrust of all people who go by the name of Muslim (is this the white man verses the Indian all over again???).  While I cannot claim to have inside knowledge, it seems to me that they are innocent until proven guilty!  My friends, there are groups of Muslims who, like many years ago, threaten the safety of the Christian world.  Those poor souls are misguided and confused, but they are also inspiring for being on fire for what they believe (sometimes literally, unfortunately).

Terrorists are the people who, claiming religious reasons, kill people to make others submit to their will.  This is not right.  But nor should we put them to death - if figuratively - for their beliefs.  I am so sick and tired of people returning, "But their belief is to kill Americans!" in a kind of vengeful excuse to hate them and all their people.  They sound patriotic -

But we are in a larger kingdom, where all peoples, great or small, black or white, Christian or Muslim, are our responsibility.  God owns everything.  He has given us everything.  We need to be praying for, protecting, and laying down our lives for Muslims - yes, even them.  They are part of the kingdom - or should be.  Where is the Christian nation when we are thinking only about the safety and security of the people on our side?

It made me sick the day I heard Osama bin Laden was killed.  At first, I was only saddened that it had come to that.  Then I was astonished to hear the response of Americans.  Then I was angered.  Then I was hurt.  Then I was sickened.  What kind of a nation are we? when we propose celebration at the death of someone?  It was not rejoicing at a war well-fought and won.  It was satisfaction at the vengeance brought down upon a man who needs as much mercy and grace as any one of us.

So today, when you mourn the loss of American lives, remember that there were probably some innocent Muslims killed.  There were probably a few illegal immigrants too.  America is not just the media.  America is not just the President or the Courts.  America is not polls or ratings or military power or thirst for blood.  If it appears to be just any one of those things we have a problem.  We need to live.  We need to cry.  We need to love.

And we need to remember all the lives in the all the troubles of the past.  Remember Pearl Harbor.  Remember the Civil War.  Remember the Alamo.  Remember Bunker Hill and Oriskany Battlefield.  Remember Korea, Vietnam, and Iran.  Remember even the terrorists and their loved ones.  Remember the martyrs.

 And remember all who have lost their lives for something they loved.


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