Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn - better titled "Randomness"

Good heavens!  It's autumn already!  I go away for four days and this is what happens!

It's funny.  Until we went to Toronto, I was posting an entry nearly every day - often time twice a day.  And I, on my blog so often, was feeling a tad frustrated that there were no new entries on the blogs I follow - nor comments on mine.

Then I go away and have very little access to the web, and even less time, and there are a baker's dozen to read when I get back!  How ironic is that?


So I thought I'd go a little more personal today, instead of the formal stuff I've been doing, in case you non-readers have been bored - lol.  If you haven't seen Jane and the Dragon, you are missing out!  It's a very cute, innocent kid show on Qubo that is absolutely the sweetest kid show I've ever seen, and definitely funny.
It used to be hard to find full episodes online.  Now it seems to have caught on but it's hard to find the clips I want.  I'd have loved to just find a few cute clips of Jester and maybe a few funny Dragon clips, but that's too complicated so....

So if you haven't already guessed, I absolutely love the new Dreamworks picture 'Megamind'.  It's really good.  And I recently found a music video that I think goes with it very well:
Whoever made the video did a very good job.  And actually, I first listened to it on my laptop, and I thought it sounded better than on the desktop because my speakers focused on the vocals but the desktop speakers made the instruments and the vocal a little more equal.  Anyway, I liked the vocal strong sound... but that's kind of irrelevant.

Another random thought - I love driving at night.  Especially on the highway.  I'm starting to get better at interpreting highway signs properly and I've always been fairly confident on the highway.  I took the second shift on the way to Toronto and, being tired already, it was a pill.  But I took the last shift on the way home - arriving home six minutes to Friday.  I loved it!  And the movie choices they made in the back seat made it a very enjoyable experience - Megamind and Tangled.

Unfortunately, while we were in Toronto, I got horrible allergies.  I took Tylenol pills twice - and I hate pills.  Then yesterday, I took Claritin - and I was super proud of myself because I swallowed it in one try - but the pill was miniscule, so not a great victory.  And it did nothing.  I'm beginning to wonder - because of how overall awful I feel - if I have a cold.  How does one tell the difference???

So... anyway.  I'd love to hear something from you guys!  Anything.  Any thoughts on anything I said here - and that includes randomness since that's part of my post.


P.S. My mentor taught me this one.  It is called 'The Hammering Song':
This is my dad's favorite part.

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