Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I think I completely agree with what she said.  I don't like to use the word "dating" though, for what it means - at least, for what it means to most.  I like words like "courting" and "courtship", just 'cuz it holds much heavier.  'Date' falls off the tongue like nothing.  Dating starts and stops and moves on to others frequently in high school, as well as in the big wide world - so I understand.  I bet if you said, "Tom and I are courting," .....  Well, you might get a few stares.  Maybe a snickers or skepticism.  But if a guy said, "I'm courting Anna," wouldn't that feel more real than, "I'm dating Anna"?  I dunno - maybe I'm a little weird. ;)

I'm waiting for someone.  I'm trying to become my true self before we meet so I don't mess us up, so I can give us what we need.  But something that caught my eye in that article, she said, "Let him fight for your heart."  Huh.  I totally agree.  But I hadn't thought before - when we meet, will I fall head-over-heels into his arms without even being tripped?  ....Something to think about.

After her performance, "Have you even ever dated before?" asked a skeptical, middle aged man sitting deep in the crowd.

She smiled shyly.  "No," she said, shaking her head, "I haven't," and she began to walk off the stage, guitar in hand.

The man snorted, "Well, it's easy to say no to something you've never had."

She stopped up short.  To the crowd, she appeared to have rather... shut off.  She turned to the man and, with a hard, pained expression, said, "Is it?"


(found this online somewhere)

(gotta get off now - severe weather coming in!)

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  1. I agree completely about using the word courting over dating. It has a much stronger, deeper meaning.


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