Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogger Problem!

Something that's really starting to annoy me - my follower list isn't showing up!  It isn't showing on other blogs I've looked at either!  Big topic on Blogger Help, but hasn't been solved yet - or replied to!  People are really starting to get ticked off - plus, how can people "follow" me if the button inticing them to do so isn't there?

Thanks to those who are my followers already.  Now that it's summer, I hope to have lots more reviews for you.


P.S.  Other major problem is this page scrolls slow on my notebook.  It's getting way too annoying.  I tried it on my mother's computer and it was fine (plus you could see the entire background - which is lovely), so apparently this isn't a problem for all computers, but it is on mine and I'm fed up.  I'm facing up to the fact that I may have to make a lot of changes - bear with me as we go into experimentation mode!

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