Monday, October 17, 2011

'Father of the Bride' and 'Father's Little Dividend'

Two Movie Reviews by Magdalen Aithne Arkwright

Father of the Bride

This adorable little film is a black and white movie from the fifties - and yes, I'm talking about the original.  Spencer Tracy stars as the father and Elizabeth Taylor - recently deceased - plays the bride.

Katherine "Kay" Tracey is twenty years old and in love with "Buckley".  Who's Buckley?  Well, that's just what her father wondered - which of the young men hanging around was Buckley?  Then Kay announces she's going to marry him, and a long process of engagement parties, wedding planning, emotional turmoil, and the actual wedding ensues.  And all told from the point of view of - and with commentary from - the father.  It's quite amusing to watch a father's reaction to his daughter's engagement, as well as heart warming - and even at times tear jerking.

This movie gets 10/10 with 100% satisfaction.  Rated A (see sidebar).

Father's Little Dividend

The second was made a year later - 'Father's Little Dividend'.  Father is, of course, clueless when his daughter invites both sets of parents over for dinner, but the mothers know.  When the big news is spilled, Father has a new problem to adjust to - grandfather-hood.  And he's reluctant to get sucked into it, but Mother is out of her mind with excitement, and fears Buckley's parents will try to take over the baby.

While Kay is pregnant, more emotional turmoil ensues - resulting in lots of laughter for the audience.  Then there's tension while they wait for the baby.  Then the baby doesn't like Father - Grandfather.

There is a great amount of fun waiting in this one, although the visual quality is lacking.  This also gets 10/10, even if slightly less well done than the first.  This film is still amusing and worth your time.  Rated A (again see sidebar).


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