Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Snowing!

And it just kept falling harder:


(Edit: We got more than the inch I heard predicted - and more is on the way!  This is rather unusual for October around here.  Edit 2: October 28 - several inches of more snow and more on the way.  This may be the first year we trick-or-treat in the snow!  Edit 3: October 29 - almost two feet of heavy snow.)


  1. NOOOO! NOT YET! I was enjoying the temperate fall temperatures. :p It's in our forecast for Saturday....

  2. I actually don't mind very much. I love autumn but I seem to have a need for change lately. It's awful pretty. (Seems like a paradox, don't it - awful pretty.) My love of snow will have long gone before winter is much in its prime, I'm sure.


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