Sunday, November 24, 2013

Random Thoughts

Aaaaaaand… BEGIN:

I want to be irreplaceable.  I want to be a person that others miss when I'm not there.  I want to be a personality that no one can fill in for.  I want to bring something new and different to the table.  I want to stand out by being myself and only myself.  I want to relate to people in a special way, in a way that only I can.


My boyfriend bought me flowers the other day.  In a text message later, he told me:

Do you know why I chose those flowers?  White carnations are symbolic of purity.  The red rose is for love.

My boyfriend, people.  Dear sweet romantic.


Here's the beginning of my new story:

How to begin my tale?  It is difficult to say.  I could describe Cobbston and its townfolk, queer people that they are – but then you would be left in mystery of me, grasping at straws of details as they are introduced throughout my story.  I could make you work a little bit to hold the threads together in your mind; you could get to know me as Cobbston did – piece by piece.  Michael did.
But most certainly, I cannot begin with Michael.  He was about six feet tall, beefy and strong, and his black hair waved in a goofy arch on his forehead.  His eyes were green, his skin was thick, and he was warm – oh, so warm – and a good deal bigger than I.  But I did not meet him until after I had met the other players of my tale.

The rest is in a notebook somewhere, where I put it down during a boring lecture.


I don't want to do homework….  :(


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