Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Voco Auxilio Protinus

(Is the title right?)

I'm looking for people who know their Latin stuff.  I need help with my homework.  The sooner you get back to me, the better.  This is due tomorrow afternoon!!!

As tempting as it sounds, I don't want you to do it for me.  I just need some explanation and some hints, because I am completely lost.  (Where in this textbook do I look to figure this out???)

Okay, so here's a sentence my professor gave me:

Hac de re quid cogitem?

It kind of looks like: "I think what concerning this thing?"  But that doesn't really make sense.  If I translate it by word: "This (abl. f.) down from (takes abl.) thing (abl. f.) what I think (subjunctive?)?"  What do I do with the subjunctive?

And while we're at it, this is what I have for the other sentences:

  • Veniunt ut matrem suam videant.
  • They come in order that they may see her mother.

  • Tam cito veniunt ut matrem suam videant.
  • They come so quickly in order that they may see her mother.

  • Rogat herine venerint.
  • He asks if they had not come yesterday.

  • Utinam hodie veniant!
  • If only they will come today!

Are any of these right?  I'm really struggling to keep up with all the new grammar rules – I guess I'll just have to spend a ton more time studying.

Danke bunches,

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