Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Day Dawning

I made a vlog for my family the other night.  It was a lot of fun, and my family loved it!  I've got to do that more often.  There's no doubt in my mind now that I was right to pick Multimedia for my major instead of English (even though I'm a heck of a writer ;P ).  Also made me realize how much I like to be in media as much as I like making it.  XP

I just got on Facebook recently – I must be out of my mind but there it is.  ...I mean, why do I need Facebook?  I don't have photos to share, and anything I have to share goes on my blog.  But Facebook comes in handy for finding a ride home – or it would, if I didn't suddenly have a ride already.  Even so, a friend of mine is a photographer and he'll have photos up of me and the gang here at college.  It's nice to have Facebook for some things I guess.

It's becoming more and more likely that people I know will discover my online presence.  I ain't got nuttin' to hide (although that sentence comes close – yeesh), but it's still a little scary.  I mean, I'm essentially the same person, but I'm a little more open here.  My guts are spilled.

It's funny – college isn't all that different from anywhere else.  People tell me that my hair color is gorgeous, and are impressed that it's natural, and are surprised that it's naturally straight.  I've also been pleasantly surprised by the amount of compliments I've received since I started wearing my glasses so often.  College life is so like anywhere else in many ways.

And yet... and yet.  I've never been accepted so much.  It's been, frankly, bizarre.  And the whole gang agrees with me.  This class I have is so close, and most everyone is so awesome.  Things I've said before and been the werido, I'm now hearing them say.  They want us to all be in the same English class next year.

People know my name, and not only say my name but talk to me.  Even among crowds of people who know me well, I'm so often ignored or given the simple pleasantries.  I've been in the in between place – not with the adults but not one of the kids.  But here – and I should probably be keeping this to myself – people value me, want to really know me, want to converse with me on absolutely nothing.  The small talk and laughter and foolishness that I had learned to shake my head at and detest, I now get it.  People do it because they can.  I've learned to ignore my name, a name which is so common around here.  People call it out all the time – in voices I don't recognize, sometimes I do – I always ignored it.  They never mean me.  Now people say my name and they mean me.  That's incredible.  It's not, like, a weepy moment.  It's just... different.  Weird.  We all know how precious names are – they hold our identity in ways we may never fully understand.  To hear my name on the lips of someone other than my family is–  But now I sound like a looser.  :P

Anyway, I'm coming to love college.  I don't really miss the drudgery of home, as great a satisfaction as it gave me.  There are other duties here that I must attend to, and they give me satisfaction as I never knew they could.  It's cool.  And I'm keeping my head.

But now it sounds like I'm writing home and not to people I barely know over the Internet.  If you got something out of this rant, then good – more power to us all.

God bless us, every one!


  1. I think I would also feel uneasy about people I know reading my blog. This is why I haven't really let anyone of my acquaintance know about my blog yet. For some reason, I don't mind having a public blog and being open on it, but I don't feel so comfortable with the thought of someone I know reading it. :/

    1. Part of the problem is I assumed, when I was writing, that no one I knew was reading my blog. There may not be anything embarrassing on here – but maybe there is, you know? I just wasn't thinking in terms of "what if my friends see this?"

      A couple of months ago, one of my friends started looking at my blog and I panicked a little – "What did I write?!" I later checked the blog post he was looking at and everything was fine of course. And I don't think he's looked since then.


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