Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Artsy Award!

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I was recently given the 'Artsy Award'.  Ironically enough, I think, I now have to answer five questions that I think artsy people can't answer.  But oh well!  Here goes:

1)  Skirts or jeans?
I will say this: jeans are very convenient on a number of levels, but not, I feel, terribly flattering almost all of the time.  They also tend to be too much affected by the little things.  Skirts are very feminine, easy, and flattering (usually), but not terribly practical some of the time.  I tend to feel that jeans are "cosy-er".

2)  Cats or dogs?
I'd rather not have one without the other, quite frankly.  Cats are snuggly and cuddly, soft and somehow intelligent.  Dogs are simpler, devoted, show an obvious need for your attention.

3)  Cows or horses?
Oh... really?  I don't like milk, but I love cows.  I love riding horses.  I'll not choose.

4)  Wood floors or carpet?
Wood floors have such a ring to them, and a smoothness after a good scrub.  Wide pine floors are beautiful.  Carpets are soft and softening.  They encourage warmth.  They each have their place.

5)  Rain or sun?
Sun on a day when my life is before me.  Rain on a day when my life is behind.  Sun on a day when my hopes are high.  Rain on a day when my dreams are soaring.  Sun on a day when I've conquered the world.  Rain on a day when the world conquers me.
And with that, I have been sufficiently vague.  I appreciate getting awards because it tells me that people read my blog, even when page views are down and comments are few.  When someone has an award to give and she thinks of me, I'm pleased, because you're pleased (pronoun disagreement).  And that makes me happy.

I will not pass on the award to "Raindrops and Moonlight" because I see that she has already received the award; but let it here be known that she receives honorable mention.


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