Wednesday, October 24, 2012

He Was Here

First, go read the version at The Thoughts of the Mad Elvish Poet.

It was interesting to read her interpretation, because we both had the same "on the brink of something big" impression, but her style was completely different from the one I imagined – I couldn't resist trying my own hand and comparing the two.  I'm not saying that mine is better, just that the two interpretations are different.  I liked hers, understand.  I wanted to compare the difference that two different people saw in the same picture.  I really encourage you to read mine and then read hers (or vice versa) and maybe write your own, and see just how varied perspectives can be!

to be decided... 

He was in here, somewhere.  He'd gone down, down, down – somewhere.  I didn't know where.  But he was down here.  Something drew me in here and I don't know why.  But I knew, somehow, I knew he was in here.  He'd been missing for almost a year – isn't that always the way?  Somehow I knew he was in here.

No trick of science could explain this to me – no reasoning would keep me away.  He was in here.  He had gone down, down, down.  He was in here somewhere.  He had drowned, and no one had been around to see it.  Why, I didn't know.  But he was in here.  He was in here.  He had drowned, he had died – and yet he was still here.  He was waiting.  He was still here, waiting.  He was in here somewhere, waiting for me.  He was waiting for me to come and find him.

I need only step in and find him.  I need only feel my way in and find him.  I need only run my feet carefully along the rocky bottom and find him.  He was waiting.  He was waiting for me to find him.  I need only go in farther.  I need only go in deeper.  I need only go in farther, deeper, up to my knees in the icy water.  He was waiting, and my skirt grew heavy.  He was waiting and I need only go up to my waist.  He was in here somewhere and I only needed to find him.

He was here.  He was waiting.  He was here, waiting for me.  I could see him.  I could see him down there.  He was down there, waiting on the bottom.  He was here in the murky water.  I could see him.  He was here and I could see him.  He was waiting here for me to find him and I could see him.  He was here.  He was waiting.  He was here.  He was here....



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    1. Thank you!

      By the way, I've been meaning to comment on your blog and follow you and all that, but your page takes so long to load with my (lately) slow connection that I haven't gotten around to it – but let me just take this opportunity to say that I listened to every song you posted the other day, and I really enjoyed it. (Let's see if I can remember....) I love Mika (have a couple of his songs on my iPod) and I like Evanescence, and there was one more that I'd heard of that I really like. Two of them were new to me but I loved them!

  2. Going back to the Mad Elvish Poet – it's interesting that we both decided she was wearing a skirt.

    1. Ha! We did, didn't we? We should do a link-up! Make it official, or something or other...

    2. Just, you know, because I forgot to mention it before...yours is worthy of the Hatter, in terms of terrifyingness.
      That means it's really really creeeeepy...
      I likes it!

    3. and just because I just noticed it, and have, apparently, decided to spam your blog, I very muchly likes the new design.
      I think that's all.
      But if it's not, rest assured, I will comment again ;)

    4. Thanks about the design. I've been thinking it's a little dull, but I'm not sure what do to about it. I don't want to go off on a long resigning phase again. I don't have the time, for one thing, and I find it annoying to have the design change so many times so I imagine it's annoying for my readers as well.

      I don't know – I might spend a few minutes brainstorming... :)

      Oh, and on the creepiness – it is, isn't it! That's kind of what I was going for, but it turned out even better than I expected! Mhuhaha!

    5. [That comment should say *redesigning phase*]


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