Thursday, August 30, 2012

Human behavior

I knew I was naive (are you naive if you know it?), but it surprises me to find in what ways I'm naive (which stands to reason).  It has something to do with why I... "connect" with Spock and Dr. Sheldon Cooper – I just can't comprehend human behavior.  It's not that I, myself, have such prefect habits, but it still baffles me when I see people reacting or doing something in ways I had not prepared for or expected.  For example, this is not BU, right?  It's not a big college, and its filled with Catholic, reasonably responsible young adults.  So when they tell you three times not to put your room trash in the bathroom trash or else the custodians might slack off, you'd think they'd take the hint!  And then a girl on my floor does this or that, and I find that my mind is in rather a befuddled state.  Don't misunderstand – it's not that I didn't know people did these things.  But my intellectual, logical, slow, unemotional, introverted, contemplative, reserved way of approaching social situations (and other situations) is not adhered to by others, or it just doesn't seem to apply at all.  I have encountered this everywhere, of course, but until now, I could be all that and still get along in life.  Now, I have to be so concerned to not simply shut people off, that the only logical thing to do is to be moderately dramatic, so far as I am concerned.  Having a reserved and intellectual but informative conversation at lunch with Marian from Alaska, sixth of seven, was very refreshing.


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