Friday, September 28, 2012

"It should - It's from the first Spiderman movie"

I watched 'The Big Bang Theory' premier last night -- did you?

It was a wonderful moment in my week.  Not because it was a wonderful episode from a wonderful TV show (because it wasn't), but because I sat alone in a dimly lit room, curled up in a comfy chair with my Latin vocabulary, and watched a TV show that I would never have been permitted to watch at home (it just couldn't have been permitted given the setting.  No one in my family watches modern sitcoms.  We don't have the capability, for the most part, and we don't care.  Sitcoms are awful exaggerations most of the time, and aren't terribly worth the time wasted.  Therefore, in a Christian family with young ones still to worry about, I never could have watched 'The Big Bang Theory' on TV.  Oh, but I did last night!).

Would it have been nice to watch it with someone?  Well, I don't know about that.  Even though I find myself relating to the "nerdiness" at times, it's not that great a show.  I've watched countless funny clips of the show on YouTube, and then I watched the half dozen full episodes available on the CBS Big Bang website.  They didn't add a whole lot of meat to what I'd already seen.  What I saw was what you get.  There are a few lines that were left out of each uploaded clip because they weren't punchlines; but otherwise -- the discontinuity, the choppy cutting from one scene to the next and back -- it doesn't improve much by watching the whole.  (And the Raj story is getting just a little bit old, and you just can't take his issues seriously anymore.)  So do I wish I'd shared the experience with a friend?  Not necessarily.  I enjoy sharing great works of literature, fantastic movies, hysterical jokes, references we both understand; but a mediocre (albeit, sometimes funny) TV show?  Not necessarily.

Even so, the experience was, for a reason I don't understand, the most memorable moment of the week.  The close second was getting good grades on all my tests and my paper this week.

And with that, it's Friday!  All my classes are over and the weekend is ahead!  What will I do?  For starters, I might actually join the Student's for Life outside a clinic this Saturday, if after taking a good look at my homework, I determine I have the time.

Forgive me if this entry is a little hard to follow.  I'm kind of tired and I feel like I'm not making sense.  Not to mention that every time I check a sentence I just wrote, I realize that I left out a word.

A few closing thoughts:
The campus here is beautiful,
C.S. Lewis is awesome,
and learning is the most exciting thing in the world,

p.s. the title is from last night's episode

(not last night's episode)

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