Saturday, September 15, 2012

English Composition 101

(I'm not literally taking ENG COMP 101)

I finally have my first English assignment.  It's really fun to analyze my writing as I go along, get better, and read material that pertains to my weaknesses, but I know that after all the hard work is done, the quality won't nearly match the time and effort spent on it.  Rather, it won't meet my expectations.  I'm just not good enough yet.

But that's the whole point of this class!  I can't wait to get better.  And someday in the future, I'm be able to take the fiction writing course, which will be so much fun!  And so informative and helpful.  The hard part will be the growing and improving I'll need to do, but I can do it.

You wouldn't know, reading this post, that I'm a decent writer.  Let's face it, my grammar is all over the place.  But this is what you call "informal writing".  Very informal writing.  It's like a diary.  Sometimes I treat it like it is, which is not wise.

Today I compressed a whole lot of files.  With my music videos, photos, and scant collection of music, as well as many word files, I occasionally get "running out of room" messages.  Then I delete files that I don't need, move files on to my flash drive, and, now that I understand how to compress files, compress large groups of rarely used files.

But I must go.  In five minutes, I'm meeting with a friend to see a sacred music concert.  I love sacred music, and I've sung a little of it a couple times.  It's so beautiful, mystical, and powerful.

How does it go?  Oh yeah – gtg

Or my favorite: TTFN

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