Saturday, April 23, 2011

Movie Review - Tangled

A Movie Review by Magdalen Aithne Arkwright

A comeback for Disney! Reverting to the old fairytale style, with beauty galore, a must see for all ages!

Think you know the Rapunzel tale forwards and backwards? Rapunzel, as we all know, was locked away in a tower. But have you ever guessed why? An evil stepmother queen maybe. Or maybe she wasn’t royalty but someone framed for a crime. …Or maybe someone wants to keep Rapunzel all to herself because of the magic powers in Rapunzel’s hair. And did you know Rapunzel has seventy feet of hair?!

Well in Disney’s new animated film Tangled she does, and yes, her prince charming does eventually climb it up into her tower. But her “prince charming” comes in the form of an unlikely character, Flynn Rider – a.k.a. Eugene Fitzherbert. “I'll spare you the sob story of poor orphan Eugene Fitzherbert. It's a little bit of's a little bit of a downer.” And he’s come to rescue his new dream from Mother Gothel, an old woman who only wants Rapunzel’s power for herself so that she can go on living for hundreds of years. With help from Maximus, Pascal, and some thugs they met at the Snuggly Duckling, will Mother Gothel’s prize ever be torn from her grasp?

Masterfully done, this movie returns the audience to true love in a way that is not too sentimental, nor too mushy. But it’s not dark, only hilarious! Amusing and enjoyable for all age groups, from the youngest fairytale fan to the oldest Disney watcher, with a refreshing look on the old tale of a maiden locked in a tower – a maiden with long hair.

(Completely appropriate for all ages. No darker than any previous Disney fairytale film.)

My rating: 10/10, 100% satisfaction, A (everyone)!

Originally published April 4, 2011

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